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To save our planet for greener and better tomorrow is the concept because our mother earth is an amazing planet in the universe with various landscapes, ecosystems, and natural resources. It is essential to preserve them to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same unique beauty that we do now. In our tradition, all household, office furniture etc.. are dependent on wood and wood related products.

For manufacturing plywood and wood related products, we need to cut the trees that result in world wide deforestation, particularly in India. To guard further deforestation, we need to have products that are not affecting trees and the environment directly or indirectly. 

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Innovative products of Interior & Exterior applications for next generation


Salient Features of
PVC & WPC Board


Being a long-life polymer which can be recycled at will, it serves as sustainable alternative to wood, which saves & conserves our forest while also being lead-free.


Though WPC products from Flokap look & feel every bit like real wood, they are termite proof and do not house any pest.


BeIt does not absorb water which makes it immune to rot and mould. All you need to do is wipe it with a dry cloth.


Unlike wood, it does not catch and spread fire and can be easily installed in any application.


Modern wood working tools can be used on our WPC boards, better still these boards are splinter proof making them truly carpenter friendly.


Since our product does not have a high contraction and expansion due to climatic changes it maintains its form throughout its life.


Easy to maintain - Since it does not absorb moisture. It doesn’t emit any kind of odour.

UV Resistant

It resists the UV rays damage, thanks to a special composition of pigments and UV deflector, which make our products fade-resistant.


Material which is eco-friendly & high in density WPC is tough on the inside, while being beautifully finished on the outside.


It can be reused and reclaimed by extruding it, at the end of its life cycle.

Our products are WPC, PVC Ceiling, Interior Louvers, Louvers & Cladding, Pergola & Gazebo, Decking, Door & Window Frame and Interior Hardware Products